Mar 13, 2018, 7:42 PM ET

Not-guilty verdict for bail bond agent accused of killing man


Prosecutors in Stillwater, Oklahoma, have released a video that allegedly shows a bail bond agent killing a man she was trying to take into custody.

Authorities said the video showed Chasity Carey and her son trying to revoke the bond of Brandon Williams and handcuff him when Williams reportedly tried to dodge her, and then Carey went for her gun.

The less than three-minute video seemed to start cordially as the three joked around and talked about cars. Eventually, the video showed Carey shutting the door to the room and she repeatedly told Williams to put his hands behind his back as she tried to handcuff him. Williams told Carey to get her hands off of him as he ran out of the camera's frame. Carey then grabbed her gun out of the desk, firing it once.

"Mom! You just shot him!" her son can be heard saying in the video.

"I did," Carey replied as she grabbed her phone and called 911.

Prosecutors charged Williams with first-degree murder for the 2017 shooting. Her attorney successfully argued that it was self-defense, and she was acquitted by a jury Friday.

News - Not-guilty verdict for bail bond agent accused of killing man

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  • UglyTruth

    White Plus Female = No Chance She would be convicted

  • Dan Engebretsen

    Karma will get her. A real bad person will most likely take her out sometime.

  • LinaGregori

    This horrible woman will get what she deserves regardless of the verdict.

  • Thomas

    I am proud to say that I have no experience with Bail Bondsmen. But is this really what bail bondsmen are allowed to do? Do they have arrest authority or do they need to call the police once they find someone?

  • roberto cabron

    good work

  • Herman Miller

    Anyone seeing the video here that shows the man going away from her when she shoots him who believes it was self defense will likely, at some point, murder someone them self under similar circumstance. She shot a man going away from her.