Apr 21, 2018, 3:00 PM ET

Missouri Gov. Greitens charged with second felony


Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has been charged with felony computer tampering related to his alleged use of a donor list from his veterans’ charity for his 2016 gubernatorial campaign, according to a statement from the circuit attorney of St. Louis.

It’s the second felony charge the Missouri Republican is facing. Greitens also faces a felony charge related to accusations from his former mistress who alleges he bound her hands with tape, put a blindfold on her, took a partially nude photo of her and then threated to release the photo if she mentioned his name, according to a Missouri House committee report.

That charge is for invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a partially or fully nude photo and "subsequently transmitted the image contained in the photograph in a manner that allowed access to that image via a computer."

He faces a criminal trial on that charge on May 14.

Greitens’ attorneys had made a motion to get those charges dismissed but a judge ruled on Thursday that case can proceed.

The latest charge is a felony tampering with computer data, according to the prosecuting attorney. Prosecutors allege Greitens obtained an electronic donor list without permission from The Mission Continues charity he founded and then used that list for political fundraising as he was preparing to run for the governorship.

PHOTO: Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley speaks at a press conference, April 17, 2018, in Jefferson City, Mo.Missouri Attorney General
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley speaks at a press conference, April 17, 2018, in Jefferson City, Mo.

Greitens started the organization in 2007 but left it in 2014, before he ran for governor.

The governor has denied all the allegations but he did pay a fine to the state ethics commission for not reporting the list as an in-kind contribution on campaign disclosure forms.

Friday night Greitens put out a statement lashing out at St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

"By now, everyone knows what this is: this prosecutor will use any charge she can to smear me. Thank goodness for the Constitution and our court system. In the United States of America, you’re innocent until proven guilty," the statement said. "In the United States of America, you get your day in court. And when I have my day in court, I will clear my name. People will know the truth."

Multiple elected officials in the state, including the GOP leaders in both chambers of the state legislature, have called on Greitens to step down. Additionally both Senate candidates – incumbent Democratic Sen. Clarie McCaskill and her GOP opponent, Attorney General Josh Hawley – have called on Greitens to resign from office.

The controversy around Greitens, once seen as a rising star in the Republican Party, has consumed Missouri politics.

On Tuesday, Greitens tweeted that he would not be resigning the governorship and said he will be proven innocent in court.

Hawley’s office announced Tuesday that his office may have found evidence of a felony by Greitens in an investigation involving the veterans charity. He turned it over to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who has jurisdiction in the matter. It was her decision to charge Greitens.

Hawley said in a statement on Friday that his office is ready to assist as needed.

“St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner reviewed the evidence turned over to her by my office and determined that there is probable cause to file criminal charges against the Governor. The Office stands ready to assist the Circuit Attorney’s Office where appropriate and if needed. These are serious charges—and an important reminder that no one is above the law in Missouri. Like all criminal defendants, Governor Greitens is presumed innocent under the law until proven guilty,” he said.

The governor is fighting for his political life.

But a Missouri state house committee released a bombshell investigative report last week detailing an alleged nonconsensual sexual encounter with his former hairdresser.

Greitens has admitted to the affair but said it was consensual. He claims he is the victim of a “witch hunt.”

That bipartisan investigative committee – comprised of five Republicans and two Democrats – is expected to release a second report next week focused on the charity.

Statehouse officials have also said they could hold a special session after the regular legislative session ends in May to focus on the impeachment of the governor.

News - Missouri Gov. Greitens charged with second felony

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  • Patriot

    Greitens, the "Basement Bandit", strikes again!

  • Mark Elliott

    Another fine upstanding Repugnant of christian family values goes down in flames. Greitens should get advice from Mark Sanford and all those of his ilk. Confess stand aside get forgiven and re-invent yourself as a Congressman or Senator in the finest traditions of the GOP.

  • Gun Toting Liberal

    Word jumble.. Which word doesn't belong here:
    Republican - Ethical - Despicable.

  • concernedvoter

    Why are so many GOP Politicians always having to leave office because of sleazy dealings, lying, Corruption and being just good ole Crooks..

  • concernedvoter

    Trump will go down as the most currupt US President in American US History.. The Nixon Family can be at peace now.

  • concernedvoter

    Trump will always be rememberd in our US History books as the illegitemate President who worked with Russians to steal a US Election.. That won't ever change

  • Lee Hendrix

    White People are not serious for all Americans, the disagreements cluttering the legal system concern White Peoples foolishness, and no one is concerned for the multitude of American citizens deserving of good government, and to eliminate the possibility of war for the childish actions of White People. Americans have suffered foolishness and racism for centuries, and common sense is not inclusive at any level of government. America is damned, even so true, this comment is not for the benefit of a single race of citizens, whereas... America's Government Officials are postured communicating worldwide.

  • Pingy

    Compare this to what the Commander in Chief has done, and is still doing. It's almost laughable. America needs to get its priorities straight and it should start at the top, not the middle.

  • Frank Goudy

    Can only hope the truth wins out.

  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    When members of your own political party are calling for your resignation AND your AG decides to provide evidence against you to a prosecutor so you can be charged, it is time to hang up the cleats and run for cover before the people with pitchforks catch up to you.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Republican values.

  • Joy Johnson


  • Kimmy Wasatch

    Another they are trying to broing down by unproven allegations! Wonder who is paying these people to try and get rid of every Republican...Liberals, Dems ,Media ?

  • Ann Coltish

    You're gonna need a crowbar to dislodge this parasite from the host body.

  • e Blogga

    Join Al Fraklen's retirement club you loser.

  • Elaine Hernandez

    And AG Hawley jumps in front of the parade after the investigation is done. McCaskill has been strong on this from the beginning.

  • Rodney Bayburn

    Yet another republican creep who breaks the law with impunity and republicans do nothing about it. Vote straight democratic ticket and let’s start cleaning some house.

  • Arne Yoga

    The best thing about a Trump presidency? It's awakened the country to just how awful and corrupt their government has become, most notably the Republicans. But make no mistake, as long as the establishment Democrats continue to be sort of okay on social issues but still greedily fill their pockets with big money donations and further the corporatocracy, and blue wave coming will most quickly subside before it can cleanse anything. Until Democrats have the courage to support real, progressive change from taking care of their weak, defenseless, and stop the war profiteers, nothing will stop the corruption and further enriching of only a very, very few greedy plutocrats.

  • j penske

    Trump is so proud right now, a job offer is coming.

  • TexasVulcan

    Guilty or not I have no idea. But he will get his day in court.

  • Ptah

    I love how the people that were ready to burn Hillary Clinton at the stake for things that were disproved in multiple ways and multiple times suddenly must have an affidavit from God that a republican is guilty in addition to the photographic and audio evidence. In Trump's case even that isn't enough.

  • Lee Thompson

    This guy is the height of immorality and arrogance. What a lying, immoral thug.

  • Rob

    Must be reading the Dem handbook...But missed the part on being more slippery...the Hellary chapter...

  • Heavy Rain is Coming

    Maybe trump will loan him a couple of good attorneys, cohen could use some more clients.

  • Hank R

    Gov. Eric Greitens has been charged with two felonies. How can he possibly do his job? He can't so should have the decency to step down from the governorship.

  • Forward forward

    If he can get his own TV game show, he is still GOP presidential material.


    Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens has been charged with felony computer tampering related to his alleged use of a donor list from his veterans’ charity for his 2016 gubernatorial campaign, according to the state's attorney general.

    The trump administration could use a "talented" man like this...

  • c.g.

    This gov has been taped in a phone conversation talking about his affair with this gal.....and now evidence of a campaign violation......NO one is supporting this guy....either GOP or Dems.......it is a wonder his wife is standing by him....

    I guess he "rising" star of the GOP is crashing fast....

  • YellowParrott

    Well, he's definitely going to do some prison time now?!

  • Rick Montano

    Don't worry Gov. Greitens, this is typical behavior for republican politicians. Trump will just pardon you.

  • Ray

    So, to paraphrase the Honorable Gov. Greitens,....this all just a bunch of "FAKE NEWS!!!!", a "WITCH HUNT!!!!!", cooked up by those evil, lying Democrats!!!!!

    Where have we heard this before?

  • kritikosman

    The Crook of Mizzou!

  • Emma Lou #2

    "The governor is fighting for his political life." he better start fighting for his continued life outside of jail.

  • Jack25

    And still he stays in office, and still the cowardly GOP supports him, just like Trump. Shame on them.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Why do Republicans scream "witch hunt" whenever they are caught doing something illegal?