Jun 13, 2018, 2:35 PM ET

14 Canada geese found decapitated, mutilated


After finding more than a dozen Canada geese decapitated and mutilated in Toronto this week, police have launched an animal cruelty investigation.

The remains of approximately 14 dead geese were discovered Monday morning in an industrial area of north Toronto, on Clayson Road, according to the Toronto Police Service.

The birds had been brutally maimed, police said. Some were decapitated or had their necks snapped, while some had their wings and legs ripped off.

One young goose survived the attack and was brought to the Toronto Wildlife Centre for treatment and rehabilitation. The "traumatized" gosling suffered two broken ribs and a puncture wound, the charitable wildlife rescue organization said in a statement Tuesday.

PHOTO: An injured Canada gosling that survived an attack on other geese receives treatment at the Toronto Wildlife Centre on June 12, 2018.Toronto Wildlife Centre
An injured Canada gosling that survived an attack on other geese receives treatment at the Toronto Wildlife Centre on June 12, 2018.

The gosling seems to be in stable condition and is on several medications, including antibiotics and pain killers, Nathalie Karvonen, executive director of the Toronto Wildlife Centre, told ABC News in an email Wednesday.

"He's being housed with an adult Canada goose and two smaller goslings we have in care because, since he is so young, we also need to ensure that he doesn't habituate to people and has normal social interactions with his own species," Karvonen said.

Police do not believe the gruesome injuries were caused by another animal.

"The injuries did not appear to be consistent with another animal attack as the carcasses were intact," the Toronto Police Service said in a statement Tuesday.

A joint probe with the Toronto Police Service and the Canadian Wildlife Enforcement Directorate is working to identify and arrest the person or people responsible. The investigation remained ongoing Wednesday, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told ABC News.

News - 14 Canada geese found decapitated, mutilated

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  • Joe Mac Pherson

    Further proof, once again, that humans are the ultimate monsters. What other species can devise elaborate, horrific tortures, create weapons that annihilate, concoct poisons, formulate lethal vapors and gases, and destroy not just entire cities, but the world all living things try to exist in?

  • Marie123

    ummm wow...the comments here are disgusting. You do realize we built on THEIR land so where exactly are they supposed to go. Being from Toronto, we don't have a huge issue with geese so there's no need to control the bird population. They're a nuisance is what people keep saying. Sorry but i know a lot of people who are a nuisance and a waste of breath but i don't snap their necks. Your life isn't worth more than theirs. Many humans are dumb as dirt...maybe we should control the human population? So sad. Of course, these are Americans commenting.

  • doug harmon

    if this upsets you then take a look at the chicken slaughter houses.... this happens to billions of them everyday..... enjoy that chicken sandwich now that you get from chick fillet, the "Christian" restaurant...…...

  • allison kirkpatric

    Some people kill animals for fun....sick, warped individuals.

  • Rubber Banned

    There's a serious sociopath loose in the north it appears.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    If they ever catch the punk/s that did this, it will be a shame that the Canadian people are so forgiving, I think they should be ripped apart like the geese they slaughtered. There is no excuse for treating any living creature this way.

  • StormWizard

    Nobody cares about the geese here. Have seen people plow down a flock with their car, even seen cars go into the other lane just to hit them. Have seen boaters go out of their way to hit them with the boats, same with jet skis. Saw a really nice sports car plow into a group of geese with several goslings, smearing them all over the road then watched the guy throw a fit when a large bird trying to get out of the way put a dent in his door.
    I get that they are a nuisance but its hard to see them treated so horribly and its heartbreaking when you have to explain to your child why someone did that while your child was watching. Poor birds. No creature deserves to die like that.

  • Toshi Hitsugaya

    I hope they can find the monster(s) that did this before they begin turning to other people.

  • Planet Earth

    That's seriously a gateway to serial killing of humans. Hope they find the person responsible.

  • @ Clown Parade

    “Special place in hell”

  • Chuck Heston

    Crazy Canadians. Tim Horton's must have been out of Timbits, LOL!!

  • Lachesis1044

    That'll teach Trudeau to keep his mouth shut.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    If this was a human that did it the surviving gosling would have fled when another human approached. I don't think this was a human. Coyotes have been known to do stuff like this they will sometimes kill a bunch of animals and only eat one. We have had this issue come up before around here - every once in a while there's a rash of cat head decapitations and the bleeding hearts get on the news and cry and moan about how some cruel sick human was torturing cats and then a month later buried in the back section of the paper an animal expert had verified that it was coyotes.

  • Prophet With Honor

    If it happened here who would we blame?

  • Seaside78

    There is never ANY justification for that level of abuse and destruction against ANY living creature. Period.

  • Lee Thompson

    Someone has issues.

  • RB in WV

    Worst part: brutalizing animals is often a precursor to brutalizing humans.

  • rightened

    Maybe it's resentment against the Detroit Tigers and their "rally goose."

  • Dicazi

    They're noisy, messy creatures, but this is senseless cruelty.
    There are ways of "encouraging" them to move along.
    Find the guilty and put them in jail for awhile.

  • CatMom

    No animal would have killed them just for the fun of it. Had to be a human bean.

  • Hawkman100

    Undoubtedly these geese were killed by somebody in the Trump administration trying to send us Canadians a message.

  • Nate

    Despite being against animal cruelty, I truly hate these animals. They're mean, dirty, hissing, over-sized sky rats. Now, I wish whoever had done this would've at least eaten them. Grilled goose breast isn't half bad.

  • FasterBadger

    Somebody's car got pooped on too many times.

  • V35James

    How do you know they were Canadian? Were they carrying passports? Perhaps they were Canada Geese of some other nationality